Friday, 12 November 2010

UN 2010

i came across this the other day. unfortunately, i can't find the track worth buying it for anywhere on the internet. so you're going to have to take my word for it that "give a little for the gold" by marshall jefferson's dancing flutes is a killer. a quick look on discogs shows me it's quite affordable if you can't find it in a second hand shop, like i did.

Friday, 29 October 2010


the azuli choice series has thrown up some great mixes. i already have the roger sanchez and x-press 2 editions (which i also got second hand). i stopped buying new double cds a long time ago because they were too expensive and i rarely listened to them anyway. now every fucker is uploading them onto their mp3 players and dumping the cds into chazzers and second hand shops. hurrah! it means i can pick up gems like this for £3 or less. i actually found 2 copies. one was a bit scratched up and the other was mint. i managed to grab this just before another bargain hunter picked up the scratched copy. he asked the shop owner to play it on the shop system and it played fine. it's a top selection by frankie and i agree with the discogs reviewer. the house cd is good but the disco cd is better.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


i never thought i'd find one of these. sure, in a few clicks i could get one off the web but where's the fun in that? maybe you're wondering why didn't i buy one in 1987? the fact is i never heard it until a few years later and by that time hard to find records (htfr) were already charging £100 for it. remember, this was years before the internet and you could only rely on the likes of htfr or vinyl exchange to have one (at an inflated price). my copy is an '87 re-issue, the first pressing had a blue and orange label. over the years i'd heard stories of lucky bastards finding this for a quid. i'm a lucky bastard! i could write a brief summary of this record but a guy called pipecock sums it up perfectly in his review on discogs.

"This is possibly the most beautiful house song of all time. It's just got soul dripping from every piano chord, the melodic bassline, and of course the fantastic vocal. There's magic in the production and the song quality here, it's the perfect marriage of raw Chicago machine soul and New York's more refined R&B influence."

Monday, 21 June 2010


a few weeks back i stumbled across a real gem. this record was in a job lot that came into a shop and the owner just wasn't into this sort of thing. apparently the mother of the person who owned the records brought them in and thought she'd get a mint (she didn't). there were hundreds of impossibly good records but 90% of them were battered. there were some ace cds too, but once again they were scratched to fuck. anyway, after about 90 minutes of digging (and being disapppointed 90% of the time) i finally came away with a pile of stuff i'd missed out on first time round. i only got this because the name rang a bell. little was i to know what i'd found. number 92 on discogs top 100 highest selling price list ($491), a limited run (200 only) white label in excellent condition...james jack rabbit martin's "only want to be" (acid mix). fucking result!